Homeschool Programs

The Clermont County Park District naturalists provide a local resource for homeschooling families through weekday nature programs that are educational and encourage hands-on learning. Join other homeschool families and the Clermont County Park District for a day of fun experiential learning.

Upcoming Homeschool Programs:

Inquiry in Nature
10 to 11 a.m. Tuesday, May 8, Sycamore Park
9 to 11 a.m. Tuesday, May 15, Sycamore Park

Grade Level: 5 – 8

Students learn the QUEST model for inquiry investigation and learn how scientists use the model to make a new discovery. A hike through the forest will allow students to explore their curiosities and work together with their team to develop a comparative question, then design and implement an investigation to answer their question. In small groups, students report their results, methods, and future modifications. It is highly recommended to bring two adult chaperones per group of 8 students due to the highly individualized nature of this lesson. Although this is a student-guided experience; Naturalists will facilitate the program and assist if necessary. Students must attend BOTH sessions of this program. Although this session is in two parts; only one payment is required.

Create your own program
Homeschoolers are encouraged to team up with 10 or more paid participants (adults and children) and schedule any offering from our program listings. Please call Lead Naturalist Jana Marshall-Westhoven at 513-240-2615 if you have a specific topic you are interested in. All of our naturalist programs are available for homeschool groups and can be tailored to meet specific standards and needs. To view our current program offerings, please follow this link: Clermont County Park District Naturalist Programs

Program details
Cost – $4 per person, per program
Adults are required to pay and stay for programs if any of their registered children are under age 8; this includes siblings who stay and participate for the program. Adults with children age 9 and older who wish to drop off need to fill out a registration and release form. Parents of older children who wish to stay must pay the program fee
All programs require advance registration and have minimum attendance requirements. To make a reservation, please contact Lead Naturalist Jana Marshall-Westhoven at 513-240-2615.
The Clermont County Park District is a secular governmental agency. We teach all of our programs based on commonly accepted scientific principles and theories.