Ready for her close-up


Sasha the Corn Snake is the Clermont County Park District’s newest animal education ambassador.

She may have been a touch shy under all those bright studio lights.

She didn’t say a whole lot compared to her co-stars. In fact, she looked like she could crawl away and hide.

But Sasha the Corn Snake, Clermont County Park District animal education ambassador, made her television debut Saturday, June 9, on Fox 19’s weekend morning news show.

Park District Lead Naturalist Jana Marshall carried the orange reptile with her during a five-minute on-air segment you can watch right here.

Sasha and Marshall shared the stage with Fox 19 host Deborah Linz, as well as Jackie Bray and Sylvester the Great Horned Owl of Raptor, Inc.

They talked about the partnership with Little Miami Conservancy and the Wildlife Wednesday programs sponsored there. The next of which is called “Fossil Frenzy” and is scheduled for June 20.

The Park District has a wide array of nature programming available. Call Marshall at 513-876-9013 to set up an educational opportunity suited to your interests.