CCPA offers playground safety seminar


Bob Griewe, President of DWA, describes some of the benefits of proper playground maintenance during his safety seminar Sept. 27.

BATAVIA – Nobody wants to get hurt. Physically or financially.

To that end, the Clermont County Parks Association presented a playground safety seminar Sept. 27 at the Batavia Township Community Center.

CCPA partnered with the Clermont County Park District and invited David Williams and Associates Recreation President Bob Greiwe to speak.

About a dozen representatives from communities all over the county heard his presentation on playground safety and surfacing.

“There are really four things that go into making your playground as safe as possible,” Greiwe said. “Supervision, age-appropriate equipment, fall zones and surfacing and – last but not least – equipment maintenance and inspection.”

Greiwe said maintenance and inspection of playgrounds is important for a variety of reasons, not least being a way to protect a significant investment.

“I look at it kind of like a car or a house,” he said. “You spend a lot of money on those things. You’re not going to just ignore them once you buy them and hope everything is OK. You get insurance. You keep them up. You make repairs when you need to and extend the life of the equipment.”

Beyond the money, he said upkeep of playground equipment helps owners manage their risk, improves the play experience for children and promotes community values.

“Those are the exact things the parks association is trying to promote,” said Jim Meyer of the CCPA. “This is the kind of program that benefits anybody with a playground. Our group is focused on the townships and villages, but this is good information for schools, too.

“Our motto is ‘Building amazing parks … together,’ so helping people learn how to put together a maintenance schedule or showing some trends in playground surfacing could help the quality of area parks.”

Jim Meyer of the Clermont County Parks Association welcomes guests to its playground safety seminar Sept. 27.