Recent bird sightings on river

Tundra swan

Tundra swans were spotted on the Ohio River over the weekend. (Photo courtesy Ohio Department of Natural Resources)

CHILO – The old adage talks about chickens coming home to roost; it’s usually a bad thing when they do.

Other avians, however, caught the attention of birders over the weekend and it’s been a good thing.

Among the weekend sightings on the Ohio River at Chilo Lock 34 Park and Crooked Run Nature Preserve:

Further down the river, a peregrine falcon soared around Meldahl Dam.

More than 200 species of birds have been documented at Chilo Lock 34 Park and adjacent Crooked Run Nature Preserve.

“This time of year is interesting on the river,” said Chris Clingman, Clermont County Park District director. “As the lakes and ponds freeze up, waterfowl will move to the open water of the Ohio River.

“You just don’t know what surprise you may find each day. Last year we had a female king eider show up. They are normally found in the arctic. We’re fortunate to have a number of different habitats on our different properties that bring such a wide array of birds for people to enjoy.”

Birds and bird watching have been in the news lately. (See the National Geographic story and photo here.)

While there haven’t been any sightings at the Park District as rare as the half-male, half female cardinal in Pennsylvania, one never knows what birds may fly by during the Winter Wildlife Hike from 10 a.m. to noon Saturday, Feb. 9, at Sycamore Park and Wilson Nature Preserve.

Participants will meet naturalist Alyssa Rooks at the footbridge in the park. The hike is free, open to the public and will cover about two miles of moderately challenging terrain.

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