Park District unveils van wrap


BATAVIA – Christmas came early to the Clermont County Park District.

The Park District van primarily used by naturalists received a new look with a nature-themed wrap applied to the van.

The wrap is one of the first – and will certainly be among the most visible – changes to come from the Park District’s branding initiative.

DigiMax Graphics in Milford created the wrap using photographs shot by Park District staff. It also prominently features a new logo, graphic elements and dual “Proudly Clermont” images.

The Park District took delivery of the new-look van Dec. 20.

“This wrap is an excellent tool to promote our brand,” said Mark D. Motz, community relations manager. “In a lot of ways, our naturalists have been and will continue to be the public face of the Park District.

“They work with all ages in all of our parks, as well as in area schools, libraries, senior centers, civic clubs and more. That’s part of our story, being interwoven with the community. To go from a plain white van to something as eye catching as this, we really announce that connection. It’s a conversation piece.”

The images on the van represent a variety of natural habitats found in the Park District.

The driver’s side features an ironweed meadow at the 10-Mile Preserve. The passenger’s side displays the wetland pond area near the entrance to Chilo Lock 34 Park. The back includes a creek bed at Wilson Nature Preserve, adjacent to Sycamore Park.

The back also invites people to “explore your own backyard” and gives the Park District web address (

Naturalist Robin Green hopes people will explore accordingly and keep an eye out for opportunities to interact.

“I’m excited people can see who I am,” said naturalist Robin Green. “If they see the van, they’ll know there’s a naturalist somewhere nearby and be able to find me.”