Solid Waste District goes through Park District’s recycling


Audit workers emptied two recycling receptacles; they sorted and weighed the contents before returning the recyclables to their proper container and disposing of the contaminants.

OWENSVILLE – Dumpster diving may carry a negative connotation, but one particular dive hopes to bring about a positive result.

The Adams-Clermont Solid Waste District conducted an audit Feb. 21 at its recycling drop-off in the parking lot of Pattison Park Lakeside. The goal is to see what kinds of items are in the receptacles and if – in fact – they are recyclable.

Among the more unusual non-recyclable items found in the containers? A set of encyclopedias, a lawn chair and a damaged cooler full of rotting food.

“This is a waste sort prior to an education campaign we’ll be rolling out,” said Solid Waste District Director Hannah Lubbers. “It will be to get baseline data on the contaminants.

“We’ll do another sort after a month or two of signage at the site. Then we’ll hope to see less contamination in the drop-off – things like plastic bags, polystyrene, garbage, et cetera.”

The audit and ensuing educational campaign are funded by a grant from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

“We have a long history working with the Solid Waste District,” said Chris Clingman, Clermont Park District Director. “We both want to preserve and protect Clermont County’s natural resources, so kicking off the education campaign at Pattison Park a great fit.

“We hope, like Hannah does, people continue to take advantage of the free recycling opportunities we have in the county. But in order for it to work, people need to know what they can and can’t put in the bins.”

See a list of appropriate materials to recycle right here.

The two receptacles at Pattison Park get emptied four times a week. In addition to Pattison Park, there are more than 25 other recycling locations all around the county.

There used to be more.

“We had to close nine drop-off locations over the past six years because of illegal dumping,” Lubbers said. “We’re trying to prevent more from closing, which is why we’re doing the education campaign.

“We’ll only be doing the recycling audit at Pattison Park, but we’ll be rolling out the education campaign at all of the drop-off spots in Clermont County over the next several years.”