New mileage markers at the Williamsburg to Batavia Hike-Bike trail


An example of the old, faded mileage markers (left), Brendan painting the last marker (center), and part of the team painting a marker (right).

Visitors to the Williamsburg to Batavia Hike-Bike trail will find it easier to navigate their way. Brendan Baker, and his team from Williamsburg Troop 84, painted 60 new mileage markers along the trail for his Eagle Scout project.

He believes the mileage markers will help keep people using the trail safer. “My dad is a firefighter and we thought it would be easier for bikers that have wrecked on the trail” said Brendan. With obvious mileage markers, hikers and bikers can provide the nearest marker number when providing their location. They brought the project to Park District Deputy Director, Tim Carr, who enthusiastically agreed with the idea as the old markers were quite faded.

Brendan with help from his troop, troop leader, and dad spent a total of 111.5-man hours to complete the project. Using long-lasting highway paint, they placed mileage markers every tenth of a mile for the entire 6-mile length of the current trail. Every marker is surrounded by a black box to make the number stand out and help people see where they are going.

Brendan enjoyed the project and especially hearing from “a lot of the nice people that we met on the trail” he said. Many of them were excited to hear that soon they’ll be able to calculate how many miles they’ve been walking on the trail. We at the Park District are so grateful to Brendan and all of Williamsburg Troop 84 for making our trail safer and more enjoyable to use.