Homeschool Programs

The Clermont County Park District provides a local resource for homeschool families via weekday educational nature programs that encourage hands-on learning. Join other homeschool families and the Park District for experiential learning.

Upcoming Homeschool Programs: TBA

Create your own program
Homeschoolers are encouraged to team up with 10 or more paid participants (adults and children) to schedule any offering from our program listings. Please call the naturalist office at 513-240-2615 if you have a specific topic not on our list. All of our naturalist programs are available for homeschool groups and can be tailored to meet specific standards and needs. To view our current program offerings, please follow this link: Clermont County Park District Naturalist Programs

Program details
Adults must pay and stay for programs if any of their registered children are under age 8; this includes siblings who stay and participate in the program. Adults with children ages 9 and older are able to drop off their child after filling out a registration and release form. Parents of older children who wish to stay, must pay the program fee. There is no charge for non-participating siblings age 5 and under.

All programs require advance registration and have minimum attendance requirements. To make a reservation, please call the naturalist office at 513-240-2615 or email The Clermont County Park District is a secular governmental agency. We teach all of our programs based on commonly accepted scientific principles and theories.