School Programs


We know how much you value your students’ education and how hard you work to ensure they receive the best learning experiences during their time in school. The Clermont County Park District offers both field-trip opportunities in any of our parks or nature preserves and in-school programs where our naturalists offer hands-on, experiential learning at your facility. Our programs supplement lesson plans or to introduce new science topics. All programs meet state proficiency requirements. If we don’t already offer a program on a topic you teach, we will customize programs to enhance your curriculum. All Clermont County schools – from kindergarten through high school – may book these programs. For an overview of our offerings, click our School Program Descriptions. To schedule a program, please email or call 513-760-8393.

In-park programs
The Clermont County Park District is the perfect setting to enhance your students’ learning experience. Each of our in-park programs is designed to provide hands-on learning through observations, games, activities and field studies.

Cost – Group costs are as follows: 1-5 students, $20; 6-10, $40; 11-15, $60; 16-20, $80; 21-25, $100. Please see your invoice for larger group rates.

Outreach/in-classroom programs
The Clermont County Park District’s Outreach Program is the next best thing to an in-park experience. Let our naturalists bring the outdoors to you.

Cost – $50 for first program/day, $30 for each additional program that same day.

For more information or a current list of outreach offerings, please visit our outreach page:

Outreach Programs